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About Us

Lovely Furnishings takes great pride in offering you quality custom made furniture & other furnishings for your home or office designed to last! We believe in creating beautifully crafted furniture that is not only lovely but also very functional! We are a small shop located in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California.

One by one – Each order is carefully hand crafted to your specifications. Our various artistic backgrounds gives us the ability to transform your ideas to life.

Visually exciting – Our furnishings are not just furnishings, they are carefully designed visual artworks that are in many ways functional.

Enjoy your furnishings! – Everything that surrounds you is there for a purpose, so enjoy the bed you sleep in and make it yours.


Please note that each item is individually handcrafted and thus each item will have its own uniqueness.  Our products are made by hand for the most part and small imperfections may be sometimes visible.  Upholstering is a very challenging task, the fabric elasticity, the fabric texture, the foam and many other factors will play a big role in how the fabric contours our products.  It is our goal to deliver the best handcrafted items to our clients by our master craftsmen so you can enjoy your product for many years to come.  We thank you for choosing Lovely Furnishings for quality handcrafted items and understanding the nature of custom made products.