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Returns and Cancellations

Thank you for reviewing our cancellation and return policies.   We take pride in our work offering you the best craftsmanship as possible.  Since each order is custom made, size, color, style it may not be possible to cancel your order once it has been started.   Keep in mind that we offer several color options and sizes it is not possible to store all of these variations since we don’t know what will be on demand.   Please carefully choose your size and your color when placing an order.

If an order must be cancelled or exchanged below are some guidelines to help you.


You have the right to cancel your order and receive a full refund if both following conditions met:   3 days from the date that your order was placed and that your order has not been started or shipped yet.  Once your order has been started or shipped you will not receive a complete refund.

Any order cancelled after being started or shipped will receive the following credit.  Shipping cost both directions (Shipping cost to you and return shipping cost),  a 25% total value restocking fee and any transaction fees associated with the purchase.


Each bed is handcrafted to your specifications, size, color and style.  We confirm with our clients our orders to make sure that they receive the correct item.  If an order has not been started you can make the following changes free of charge, same material color change.  Materials within the same price range color changes no costs.  Sizes changes will incur the difference as long as the order has not been started.

Once an order has been started and a color or size needs to be changed a 25% fee will be applied plus any upgrade fees.